10 MUST KNOW Tips for Parents to get Exceptional Newborn Photgraphs at Home

Many parents today want to opt for DIY newborn photography sessions at home due to Health concerns, finances, work schedules, complicated deliveries, family visits or just for the pure experience of taking those memorable shots on their own and building wonderful stories and memories behind each shot.

Even if you decide to do a newborn photoshoot yourself, you can still get amazing newborn pictures.

Here are some tips and ideas to help you create beautiful images of your baby and to make this experience an enjoyable and stress-free one for the both of you. 

TIP 1 Best Time to do the Photo shoot

First two weeks after birth is the ideal time to take newborn pictures This is the time where they are still pretty sleepy, with hardly any interest  and love to snuggle up in those cute poses we all love. You can still take beautiful shots in the 3rd or 4 weeks but remember that their awareness of the world starts increasing, which mean they may not be as still as you would like them to be.

TIP 2 Prepare in Advance

Stress- free environments gets the best pictures. If you plan to do 1-2 or more set ups, ideal will be setting them up in advance of the photoshoot in their dedicated places you have identified. If, however that is not possible, make sure you have all the props ready for each set up and in one place. Look for beautiful props and dresses which will enhance the pictures to the professional level.

Remember that the outfit,prop,lighting and setup are what makes or breaks the session. Spend sufficient time in finalizing and planning this. Also make sure the blanket, mat that you plan to place your baby on is free of wrinkles.

Also search and finalize in advance the newborn poses you wish to capture so that you do not loose precious time while baby is asleep.

TIP 3 Lighting is the Key

The best pictures are captured in natural lighting. Aim to do your shoots mid-morning. Do not use overhead lights instead opt for sunlight coming in from north/south or even direct outdoors. Make sure however that there are no shadows falling on the place where you wish to take baby pictures.

A well-lit area is the key for best newborn pictures. You do not need any fancy studio equipment to get this right. You can get amazing shots in front of the windows utilizing natural light.

TIP 4 Prepare the Baby

As your bundle of joy will be the star of the show it is important to keep them ready and prepared for the photoshoot. What you can do to achieve this is:

  • Feed your baby around two hours before the planned newborn photos and then do not feed baby again until you are about to being the shoot. This helps keep the baby in good sleepy mood.
  • Keep the baby awake till the shoot. Baths, playing and un-swaddling works well to keep newborns awake.
  • Wash your baby's hair in the morning to ensure they do not come oily in the picture.
  • Keep Pacifier/baby bottle/extra feed ready.

TIP 5 Keep the room warm

This by far is the most important to keep your photo-shoot star in a good, sleepy mood. Keep the room nice and toasty to lull your baby into deep comfortable sleep. If doing shooting outdoors, one helpful tip is to use electric heating pad below the blanket/beanie bag or base you wish to take place your baby on. This helps to keep baby warm and happy.

TIP 6 Aim for Sleepy Baby

You will get the best pictures when the baby is asleep. While awake most of your pictures will come out to be blurry or hazy due to their movements. Keep taking as many pictures you can, as you may also get those cute, dreamy half open eye pictures that you long for.

TIP 7 Space out your Session

Don’t plan to take multiple set-ups in a day. Rather space it out to a couple of days.

 TIP 8 Take the Sibling Shots First

If you plan to take sibling shots first so they can go and play later, and your toddler isn’t forced into staying when they don’t want to participate any more.

TIP 9 Do not Ditch the Diaper

Yes, those cute bum pictures look adorable but do not plan to take all pictures diaper free. Instead keep the diaper free shots for the end so you don’t end up with pee stains on your backdrop.

TIP 10 Photography & Positioning Angles

  • Positioning the baby at angle brings a good dimension to the pictures. Think of those cute, angled new-born setups which add critical depth to the pictures. Easy way to do it- put extra pillows to tilt up the rug or pillow where you plan to keep the baby for shoot.
  • Depending on the size of the window, strength of light and distance of the window to floor, plan to keep the baby  beanbag around 3-5 feet from the window and the set-up at about a 60-degree angle to the window.
  • Exhaust all of your different angles, closeup and perspectives before moving on to a new pose or setup. 
  • Some of the best photos will come by positioning your phone/camera directly on top of the babies, when babies are swaddled and on sleeping on their back. Stand astride the baby and click pictures. Make sure to hold the camera and phone securely.
  • Do the close up shoot.Rather than capturing your entire room, only take pictures in close up of your baby and the set up.

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